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Why do people need wood boards?

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in Alexina Chat
They are expensive and tedious to make.
But they are expensive. What are they for that makes them a hot commodity?


  • GretaGreta
    Mabinogi Rep: 46,525
    Posts: 6,908
    It's often used to make some Homestead items. Since they are tedious to make and requires a lot of materials to make one is the reason why they are expensive.
  • NemurikoAlexinaNemurikoAlexina
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    Before candles were added, they were used to train handicraft, and that option still exists, since the Refined Catalysts for rank 1 candles aren't easy to get in large amounts.

    I think the main reason people buy them these days is for high-level Erg Upgrades, which require hundreds or thousands of Wood Boards.
  • justshowingjustshowing
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    Candles are hard to make to.
    I can't even seem to sell them faster then wood boards.

    Huh I totally forgot you use them for some erg upgrades and homesteads.

    Neat, thank you!