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Friendlist bugged and/or reset

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in Bugs and Glitches
I'm experiencing a friend list bug which unables me to see my friends in friendlist tabs, nor see my friends in friendlist tabs. When I try to add them / they try to add me, I get the following message: Failed to add the user as a friend for unknown reasons. Try again later, and if the problem persist, please report this issue.

Friends cannot see me in their friend list as online, even though I'm logged on and doesn't have offline status on.

I've also experienced various disconnections through the day.

Character name: Guerald
Server: Nao
Date of incident: Friday August 23, 2019 aprox. 7am pst (game daily reset time)

Steps to recreate the incident:

1. Logged normally, after some time, character disconnects.
2. Attempted to expand a friend list tab, but failed as its inaccessible. It appears like if it was a rollback or was reset.
3. Tried to add friends, and then prompted with an error message as above mentioned in this thread.
4. Tried to relog in the game, but it doesn't fix the issue.