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Paladin VS Dark Knight Event IDEA

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Paladin VS Dark Knight Event

First, I want to say that this idea is for entertainment purposes. My goal here is to have discussion with the community into contributing ideas, improvements, and critiques about this event. With that being said I would like to also add that my expectations for this to become a reality are absolutely zero.

Okay, let me explain the reason why have this event in the first place. Some people here want a Mabinogi classic server, others do not. Which is fine, I understand that 2008 Mabinogi into 2019 seems redundant. So instead of opening a classic server (which we will more on that later), an event would suit everyone’s wishes (I can only hope).

Event goes live.

As soon as the event goes live. Traditionally you will select a main character and 1 Classic Character Card is giving to you. You make your character on a new server that is link to your main character. On this new server, the only generations active are G1 – G3 (maybe add alchemy G9-G12 later on no details for this generations).
Generations 1 – 3

Difficulty doesn’t really matter. We could even play the revamp G1 – G3 and get some AP, EXP, and gold bonus from the story line quest rewards.

Why the old mechanics?
Back in the day when loading skills where a thing, strategy in PVP was huge. Thinking about your opponent’s next move. Mind games like walking while having smash loaded. Today PVP is pretty much impossible a single hit from any end game player will knock the other player out. Having this mechanic back gives a fighting chance. Picture this you have high STR so you deal high damage. If you hit someone with defense loaded, he will block it and you will get punish. ETC on other scenarios.

What is the new stuff?
Okay, so there has to be reason worth playing to go back to classic mode. The idea I had in mind was to have objective in towns that could be capture by either Paladin or Dark Knight. Capturing this objective in a town would grant bonuses to current faction holder. This bonus could be 2X Skill training, 2X Gold drop, 2X Exp bonus, 2X drop rate and free teleportation to capture town. Mobs also do 25% less damage to the current faction holder.
This objective could be a statue of either Cichol (Dark Kngihts) and Morrighan (Paladins). Once the town is captured the bonuses would take place. This statue would project a shield to protect it from being capture again. After a while, in real time, this shield would go down and allow it to be capture again by the enemy faction.

Original Town Faction Home
-Paladin would be Tir and Dark Knight would be bangor. Their statues will not be able to capture until the all the towns have been capture first.
Paladin VS Dark Knight PVP
-Transformation 6 AM restriction would still be active. However, you have the ability to pray to the statue and get your transformation back without limitation. (Traveling to town would be an indirect penalty).
-PVP there should be some type of damage reduction I propose a 70%. It can always be change.
-When a player is knocked out a Dark or Bless essences will drop. The player will be force to revive at latest capture town.

Rewards: Dark / Bless Soul Essences
I mention when a PVP takes place a specific soul essence would drop. This essence can be use as currency on a statue to buy equipment (Dark Knight Armor, Dark Knight Weapons, Paladin Armor, Paladins Weapons, ETC)
An example would be Dark Knight Amour Helmet (300 Bless Essence Souls) and so on. We can fix pricing later.
Capturing a town would reward the players who participated a percentage of essence souls base on their damage to the statue. Bigger reward when capturing the Home Base and capturing all other towns.

Main Character Reward
-After some time of event running towns will be counted on who has the greater amount. A Paladin vs Dark Knight Special Box would be rewarded to your main character containing the new equipment found on this event.
-An additional box will be giving for capturing the home base (Tir for Paladins or Bangor for Dark Knights)
This is the incentive to playing through this event. These items could be design from the community or the developer.

So, what you guys think? Would you play this event for a short time? What improvement can you think of to make it more balance?



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    You can move it there yourself by editing and changing the category from the drop down above the title. Or wait for a mod to eventually do it.
  • SherriSherri
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    A lot of thought was put into this, I really like it. Maybe even make it a permanent thing and set it so that on certain days our main character gets rewarded with different things.