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~CLOSED~ [Art Store/PP] Robokyano/Pixelationer

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edited September 9 in Fan Creations
-felt it was appropriate to separate my dumpster fire from my actual shop-

Updates: Updates to pricing as of 09/09/2020 . People on the waiting list prior to the following date will have old rates.

Hi all! So I am opening shop on the side as a fun little gig from my usual day work. Duration of each piece (depending on complexity) will vary. It will usually take me a week/paintings 2 weeks+. Please let me know if you need it done asap and that can be arranged (mind that I am working a day job so I won’t be able to do last minutes). My details are as follows:

IGN: Robokyano of Alexina | Discord: Pixelationer#4585 | Email (if you want to go classic):

If you like what you see, fill out the form here:

Forum name/ign :
Contact (discord, forums, email, etc) :
Type: Bust, Thigh, Full
Background/Props/Item: if you wanted one Simple, Full
References : e.g. Turn around of your character, props, locations
Specific details : e.g. date to be done by, change of colour on a certain piece of clothing, etc

Painted (Not available) However, if you do want to get a painted commission just DM me and we can work something out =)
Note: I will be only doing full colour painterly. Price will vary for armour complexity and backgrounds.

Only accepting PAYPAL

Bust - $70 USD
Thigh/Waist - $90 USD
Full - $110 USD

Extra characters:
Full: + $100 USD
Thigh/Waist: + $80 USD
Bust: + $60 USD

Base weapon price:
+ $25 USD per weapon

Base Armour complexity price:
+ $25 USD per character

Base background price:
+ $40 USD (will vary for complexity)

Full - $40 USD

Extra characters:
Full: + $30

Final notes:
- I can draw other things than Mabinogi. Other games, fanart, etc.
- No NSFW, No mechas (exception if it is a cyborg but not gundam hahah), No furries, No gore (bit of blood is okay but not limbs flying off)
- I will receive payment after the POSE sketch has been confirmed.
- Minor revisions allowed during sketch phase: e.g. small details, no major pose changes, No major outfit changes etc.
- These commissions are for non-commercial use/personal use only.

Portfolio: | Twitter:

Thankyou for stopping by!