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Pet EXP From Playing Music

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edited September 20, 2019 in General Chat
Along with the Fantastic Melody Update, pets can now gain EXP from a few additional sources, but this time I want to ask about the EXP a Pet gets from your character using Playing Instrument nearby.

Now, I don't have a lot of Info, but it seems a song needs to be at least a certain amount of time in order for a pet to even get EXP from the song when it finishes.

I've done only two tests, but here are my results:
1) I played an ~1 minute Yvona Renown Grind scroll taken off the Bard Board.
This gave my pet ~12.4k EXP upon completion.

2) I then played a custom scroll that was just "T32L1." followed by 60 Rs.
This gave my pet 138,375 EXP upon completion, but naturally took a whole lot longer to complete one playthrough. (~11.25 minutes)

Which is basically the same EXP/minute, just a whole lot longer between completions.
Anyone else done any experimenting?
I haven't tested the 3+ Player Jam Session EXP Bonus at all, so that kind of information would be news to me.

Edit: As extra information, it seems Pets only get the EXP and PRP if the song counts as a Normal/Great Success. Playing the scroll badly or very badly don't count.