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[KR] Wedding Event

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[Event] "Happy Project" and [Family System] Guide
2019.04.18 11:00
Good morning.
This is Mabinogi GM Konilla.

Mabinogi's unique contents, Family System .
The Family System Guide has been opened, with a view to engagement, marriage and family.

In addition, the "Happiness Project", which was a surprise in 2013, is also always going on!
If you are curious about the "Happy Project" event with [Family System], check out the link below!

▶ "Happiness Project" Guide
"Happiness Project" provides the
'We Got Married' balloon and 'The Married at Erin' title to congratulate the customers who have met in Mabinogi for the actual marriage or are married. This is an ongoing event.

'We're married' balloons
(can be worn on the Accessories tab)

'Meeting in Erin' Title

Protection 2
Stamina / Intellect / Skill / Will / Luck 10

Maximum Damage 10 Increase
Maximum Health 20 Increase
Maximum Stamina 20 Increase
Luck 20 Increase

▼▼ Click the image below to go to the [Family System] guide. ▼▼ prepared so that you can keep your precious memories and ties in Mabinogi - Family System Guide and the "Happiness Project" GM event! We hope the guides and events will help you and leave you with special memories. Thank you.