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Quest "Creating Opportunity from Crisis" bugged

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in Bugs and Glitches
This is probably an old issue. I'm at the point in the above quest where I have to use Urgent Shot on Black Grizzly Bears five times. I go up and attack and activate the skill and... the UI says I cannot use the skill and it won't activate. Please help so bears will stop mauling me.


  • DraechDraech
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    In order to use Urgent Shot, you need to miss a shot with your bow/crossbow. As per the Wiki: "The user only has 3 seconds to load and use Urgent Shot after their failed prior Archer Skill or it will automatically cancel."

    Best way to go about this is to go near a Black Grizzly Bear, quickly double-click with your bow out to fire at a low aim %, then immediately press Urgent Shot.