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We're a heavily close knit social guild. We like to have fun and not stress over end game contents. We do run dungeons, SMs, and raids though.

We do not have any requirements. Just looking for chill people.

We do have discord. Please add/note Override if interested or leave a reply.


  • dantraxdantrax
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    Override? lol
  • SakiAngelSakiAngel
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    edited November 3, 2019
    I thought this guild was made a few days ago at least that's what I think I saw was going to ask for an invite then but didn't...

    Anyways I just got back after a long getaway from Mabi(like 2year more or less)and just trying to get back into the swing of things looking for a more hangout guild that might ignore me over anything just because I get tired of all the invites. I can't promise I'll stay I tend to feel awkward in guilds since I'm generally quiet but if I get use to it I'll speak up and I will answer is asked I'm not rude just strange.

    I'm not that strong even though I've been playing for years I'm mostly playing for the funk of it and easy events I like trying to see how far I can get without spending much rl cash.

    If you want more info or whatever Ign: Sakinako (Saki or Sana are fine)