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I was wondering...

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Hey guys! I'm returning to Mabi after a long time soon, and I planned on picking trade as my job after the attack classes or before and I was wondering, before I start doing trade what class would be good to use to help me fight off the bandits that are going to be on the road? Because I'm not sure if anybody will be around to defend me. XS So yeah. I thought about maybe puppetry but, that seems like it'll hinder me instead, even though I LOVE Puppets, maybe I'll do that for dungeon runs....

ANYWAY but yes, which would be a good class to get to help with trade? I hope this made sense. I'm kinna sleepy and it's late. All suggestions are welcome and if this is the wrong place, cause I didn't know where to put it, mods please move this, thanks.


  • AquasolAquasol
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    Most anything will be okay, as long as you have the stats and(more importantly) good handling of how best to utilize skills. Personally, I’d mix chain blade with either alchemy or even dual guns, since all three have a blend of single- and multi-target skills, and have either extra utilities or ways to trip up enemies while constantly raining damage on them. I’m not big on puppets, buuuut they would definitely still be a solid choice if you’ve already got that down.
  • HabimaruHabimaru
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    The good news is that you can actually get MUCH stronger MUCH more quickly than it was ever possible to do before.
    Puppets are fine if you rank it up high enough and combine it with good equipments and upgrades and enchants.
    Just don't try to go straight for Master-Level Bandits starting out; they will still give you a run for your ducats prior to being a Grand-Master in anything.
    Chain-Blade is also fairly strong for the investment-cost with a ridiculous amount of range to keep single targets from even getting close to you.
    Depending on what Race you are using the Humans can always fall back on Final-Hit when in a jam or needing to get the job done quickly.
    Giants mostly don't have to worry about much because they're just over-all extremely strong even when starting out anyway.
    For elves... your strongest early game damage is going to be from the Alchemy/Puppetry/Chain-Blade or some combination thereof Talents.

    Edit/Addendum : Also, if you have a Commerce-Partner, she could help you out with Bandit-Battles, especially with a Good A.I. Check out my Pet-Code thread...!
  • HelsaHelsa
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    I believe they fixed the Hydra/bandit issue. So, in a few weeks, take the free Prof J rebirth to get hydra. You plunk the hydra down and it reduces the bandits to a manageable mob. As you enter each map, plunk down a golem. It will travel with you. Have the golem punch the boss bandit and boss bandit is otherwise occupied.