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So, Lets talk Veteran dungeons...


  • AlshianAlshian
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    Oh if your going to mention anything to do with Tech duin yea they are bad xD

    but they still good at everything else that does not have lvl 3 magic def.

    I am talking about the vet dungeon tho.
  • MaiaMaia
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    edited December 20, 2019
    Vet rewards definitely could use some improvement. I was hoping to enter the dungeons and experience some death. Like even without maxed dampen shock and techs, the mobs barely do anything in most dungeons. The step 7 stones are kind of a joke considering nobody's going to use them on their gear. The new gems are way too rare and the old gems are random sizes. I've run at least a couple dozen runs so far and seen nothing but gems drop (usually with full parties, no less than 2-3 people in a run).

    IMO magic is still somewhat underwhelming. But everyone's gonna ego-magic hype because of that one KR person with super-ultra gear. Even a geared mage doesn't really compare to a geared close combat user and they usually just get in the way with knockback and aggro. It takes skill to be a mage that doesn't subtract from clear times, in a party. Solo is another story, to a degree but I'd wager close combat and other talent hybrids are more efficient for pretty much anything.
  • LutetiumLutetium
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    I'm gunna be more brief than usual here since I'm tired but 30 min duo using my staff ego in fiodh the other night with a human using 2h+chain and FH twice in the run, 18 min when I used my 2h axe and chain and the human did zero FH. Hailstorm splash and fast chaincast Fireballs are fun, and actually quite effective in lower tier content like shadow missions but even in veteran dungeon I theres a huge dropoff in the effectiveness of magic because of the previously discussed but not given the deserved attention mprot and damage buff imbalances. That dropoff in effectiveness turns into a freefall once you go into phantasm and tech duinn, as 2k19 pointed out even a fully paid up matk set gives that korean youtuber nearly an hour long phantasm run, and they do actually have a feth run up, of normal difficulty just barely under the autokick timer, and it's not due to poor gameplay but simply the horrible balance of damage reduction on enemies for magic type damage and buffs not working as they should.
    Comparatively an I'd say equally paid up korean giant using melee and chain blows through phantasm in 12 mins and clears feth elite alone. The powergap between magic and melee/range damage types is disgustingly huge the higher tier content you do or on any sort of boss monster/raid.

    All that being said I still have a staff ego, it's even what I transferred my classic to for that initial high level, I even used the erg event stone on it to uncap it to 25 from 5 with the intent even before we got the patch on na to get it to 50. I wouldnt pull it out in a phantasm or kraken run but shadow missions continue to be the best EFFORT to gold ratio in my opinion, and the staff ego makes them even less effort (and nowhere to run, but my ice spear radius rosemaries already trivialized that anyway) so I dont particularly feel its a bad trade off of an ego slot to blindly control click fireballs till I hear the walls go down in wizard while my doll bags sniff up all the mob drop gold and I watch youtube on one of my other monitors. I also have the vague hope that perhaps maybe one day devcat will actually care enough to do something about skillset balance being so far apart but I dont expect it any time soon.

    TL;DR: Magic is bad right now, ego staff is fun but ineffective past midgame content due to that, the youtuber shows it in it's best light and theres no real meaningful improvements past that point for Magic right now.