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Tiny Nao Artshop [PP/Gold]

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edited April 12 in Fan Creations
Hi, looking to sell art for PP / in-game gold in either CG or MS PAINT.
Please ask or DM @Zeograd#5130 on discord for more information!

CHIBIS: $15 / 10mil
- Additional animation adds +$3
- Additional people adds +$10

XG0MZj3.png 9gGU6Z2.png

7DKuem6.png oBXclY8.png


HALF-BODIES: $30 / 25mi
- Additional people adds +$20
- Complexity charges will be added!

tmh9OO3.png vmr3dNl.png 8twGqD3.png
Q1w1Kko.png Ms8DVCU.png


FULL-BODIES: $40 / 35mil
- Additional people adds $30.
- Complexity charges will be added!



COMICS: $60 / 50mil
- Complexity charges will be added!
U8zXxdx.png x8cd8eJ.png lFnfrhg.png


- Additional animation adds +$10