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Ego REVAMP help please

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So my Ego was Max level 50 (before spirit re contract)

Stats was basicly 180 max damage (approximately)
Weapon stats after recontracting as a spirit weapon 10-22 max damage. (I did have all the spirit ego level quest completed)

Does ego go hungry from being used now. Or do you just spam feed them gear now?


  • HabimaruHabimaru
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,630
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    It's apparently the «mood» that we want to pay attention to now. Its mood will reset back to 0% upon leveling up from being fed. I haven't done nearly enough spamming to reach anywhere near the weekly limit but you can apparently feed it as much as you want until it reaches the weekly cap which is some number that I do not remember (probably or possibly something like 400K experience). Also, you should be able to «upgrade» and even «gem-upgrade» and even «blue/red-stone» upgrade your spirit-weapon now (depending on what weapon is being used to house/host the spirit).