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World-Skills: Custom skills/items everyone can use

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Every week we have a method whereby one person can change a particular skill (or item) for everyone else in the game. Could be via a competition, content clearing, or character milestone.

Theoretical Example: A dance competition which alters Dance of Death for everyone for the next week. The altered Dance of Death is basically a replay of the competition's winning dance moves and style. Some weeks the skill becomes a fast movement in a straight line using fan dancing, other weeks it is a circular movement using break dancing.

Practical Example 1: Clear G30 and you get to create a custom Alchemy skill. You choose the element, range, whatever. It can be very useful or downright useless. You choose a ranged earth attack. Everyone else can now use that skill (named after you) for one week.

Practical Example 2: Max out all skills and Nao lets you create a useable item with customized graphical image, color, and effect. (You also could have chosen to make a skill). For 1 week everyone can buy your item from the explorer's shop. You choose to make a prop (piano graphic, flashy red/pink color) that periodically saves nearby mobs from dying by putting them into deadly instead. Why you would do this, I don't know, but you did.

Some limitations would be wise. Repeatably obtainable world-skills only allow 1 world-skill to exist at a time, but world-skills generated by character milestone achievements have no limit. If 5 people max their skills in that day, then there will be 5 world skills/items available for the rest of Mabi. The point is to keep the entire game feeling dynamic by letting one person change the game for a small amount of time. I don't seriously think this will get into the game, just putting this here for posterity.


  • HelsaHelsa
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    edited January 3
    "My" alchemy skill would be a construct alchemy skill. It creates an installation like Hydra or Barriers, in this case a machine with a big red button on it that looks like this:
  • LutetiumLutetium
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    How about just having skill crafting akin to Morrowind's spell crafting and a Bard board-esq "Skill board" with some arbitrary limit of lets say "20" custom skills across the tabs per character.