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Planning Future Heroic Alban w/Paradise of Gems/UL

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in Alexina Chat
Just like the Thread-Title indicates, I am planning to do a future Heroic-Difficulty Run in the Alban Training Grounds using a Paradise-of-Gems Stone and Unlimited Party Members (well it's still limited to 8 people maximum). Posting here because of the combination of the difficulty of trying to co-ordinate things with people on my friend-list who can handle this level of difficult and the fact that I don't have enough time to run in between now and tomorrow when I have a flight to take & will be at a least a couple of different countries for the next 90 days before I return back to my main-office where I can do Mabi-related things without potential interruptions (outside of ISP-errors & so-called Acts of God).

Whether he likes it or not, I am assigning Mikecw as my secretary to help me co-ordinate with planning a schedule with up to 8 PT-members for this run, so let him know that his «friend» travelling overseas on the 14th January 2020 sent you. He's one of the newer Milletians but his growth & progress has been quite promising so don't miss out on this growing star who might potentially even soon surpass my own skills/abilities! Let's aim for some time towards around the middle of the first week of March to run this Training. There are already 3 fairly strong people on my Friend-List whom I will try to recruit into this run if they're available, and Mike(CW) usually has a friend also joining him, potentially putting us at six members right there pending our availabilities (not guaranteed).

The extra stones I could potentially configure into this Heroic/UL/Paradise-of-Gems (UL = UnLimited) run are as follows...

Grey : Monster Mana Deflector Sealed (what-ever that does) -OR- Monster Numbers 200% (the rest of my Grey Stones will have expired by then...)
Green : Party MP Recovery Speed +50% (I think I'll let someone else use a greenie if this one lowers our rewards from S-Tier)

I also have 22 Alban Knights Elite Reward Boxes yet to be opened (collected these from spamming a few Knights of Round Table on Elite).
And thousands of Event-Boxes/Gifts/Bags/Traps/etc., yet to be opened, which I wouldn't have to hoard if they didn't have so many expiring items...

..some of them might contain other Alban-Stones so let me know what you think might be the best configuration for this run for maximum S-Tier Rewards and possibly even so-called «Bragging Rights» for making the run as absolutely difficult as possible if we so choose (such as if someone also had a Monster HP 500% Stone...).


  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    If you are going for a SS run on unlimited the stones you need are:

    Paradise of gems
    50% party max
    monster damage/HP 500%