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Shop District (HCh) could still use some work....

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edited January 14, 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions
I recently noticed that the Shop District/ housing channel had a change that was not mentioned in any news posts - houses now have a limit of 50 million gold. That's great!! It's way better than the 5 mil limit it used to have. Right now there's 2 other issues that still bother me so I thought I'd air them out here in hopes they might be changed in the future. I am going to call the shops 'markethouse' for this thread because it feels weird calling them shops... since we can set up personal shops in towns it gets a bit confusing

1. ) NAO specifically has a problem with the staggering on auction end dates. I think it might be because of the merge, but every time my markethouse lease expires, I have to wait an entire week to get a new markethouse because the auction end dates are not staggered enough. When actual guilds and players had control of the castles, they staggered the auction times so that I could get a new house in at least 1-2 days even if I had to go to another district. When I check now, every single district has the same ending date for all their markethouses! and it's always exactly a week after my lease expires. I'm paying for the service for the markethouse so I should be able to get a new one asap, especially when there's hundreds of empty ones in every district! I hear from people on Alexina that theirs are still ok, and they can still get a markethouse as early as the next day. I think the merge reset everything and that has caused some sort of issue. Is there maybe some way you can manually stagger the auction ending dates during a maintenance in the future? Make sure at least a few auctions will end each day or every other day or something? please! I know not many people use this content any more, but it should still work more conveniently for those that do

2. ) The tax... the TAX. it's still 10% tax T_T that's just a lot of tax... especially for a service I'm paying for.

Belvast - 20-30 mil license limit, and like 2% tax.

Markethouse - 50 mil limit, 10% tax

I think the tax rate should be dropped to at least 5% ... maybe even lower. 10% is just ridiculous to transfer the funds from my markethouse to my bank.

Anyways I really appreciate the upgrade to 50 mil limit. If these other issues get addressed then I think the marketplace would be pretty much perfect. If these things can't be fixed I'm wondering if it would be better to just let anyone use housing even w/o premium or VIP. The content has been slowly dying ever since the auction house was added, and has only died more when it was no longer needed for another auction house slot (apparently the homestead house anyone can have works instead). Anyways, Thanks for your time :)

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