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F2P vs P2W / Server-RAM / Archer-Set / Questions


  • MabiIn2k19MabiIn2k19
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    Nilrem wrote: »

    Interestingly, your stats were apparently already posted before. By Habi himself. On a different thread Mabiln was also in which only increases confusion. You could have found it too, kicking Habi about it was in fact pointless. If your stats are for some reason higher now Habi, this is why you show info.

    That's actually pretty funny, I only look at forums when I'm on the train going to/from somewhere and forget it exists outside of that. But that solidifies the exaggeration, because the mobs pre wraith/succubus fiend are still insanely tanky and do instant multi aggro. So I'll take back what I said about it being impossible. But just for reference, he has under 300 magic attack without gear and that's really low.
  • NilremNilrem
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    MabiIn2k19 wrote: »
    But just for reference, he has under 300 magic attack without gear and that's really low.

    1600 INT gives 317 Magic Attack.
    His magic attack is 282 in the picture and now (presumably) higher.

    By all accounts, it isn't really low.
    It is in fact average, leaving only gear and titles as a way to really go above this.

    Can confirm 100% with my own Int and MA stats.
    Even with something as simple as a cast speed firebolt wand this is enough to handle Skelemancers with sand burst on the side.
    Doing this on my own runs is very easy even with a mere 317 MA.

    Also the enemies pre wraith/fiends aren't exactly tanky. The easiest part of phantasm arguably. I'm always happy to see them because of how easy they are to kill. The multi aggro means nothing due to how simple they are.
    The actual tanky enemies are in fact poison succubi and depending on how you fight the Gargoyles, but those things are easy enough to pin down. Heck, the Wraiths themselves aren't even tanky outside of the ghost hallway. And just like the high HP fiends everything can be pinned down with proper effort.

    Can confirm 100%, Phantasm is something I run for sport.
    By own experiences, I can say that if Habi was smarter about how he used his abilities and had something besides magic, he would have a fighting chance.