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✦ [OPEN] Fwumpii's Art Shop ✦ [Paypal/Venmo]

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edited February 23, 2020 in Art Creations
Welcome to Fwumpii's Art Shop!
I am currently open to commissions!
[This Discussion Post is currently under construction]

IGN: Fwumpii
Server: Alexina

Contact Info:

Twitter: @fwumpiii
IG: @fwumpii
Discord: Fwumpii#4040

Commission Sheet:


♥ Bust: $15 ♥ Waist: $25 ♥ Full Body: $35

♥ Simple/Flat: $6+ ♥ Detailed/Shading: $20+
+1 Character: Double the base price
Simple Background: $10+

✖ Won't Do - Large Groups(4+), NSFW, Furries
✿ Will Do - Fanart, OCs, Avi art, Couples, Chibi, PFP, etc

Proportion: (Bust, Waist, or Full)
Color: No color, Flat/Simple, Detailed/Shading
References: Insert Pictures of Character, Poses, Specific clothing/Colors

♥[CASH ONLY] - Paypal, Venmo, Ko-fi
---Payment before Final Draft---