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What can i do? And what should i do?

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in Technical Support
Hello, this is the first time i post something, so don't be suprised if i do something wrong.

I'm a returning player that want to see what's new in Mabinogi, however...
I wanted to log in but regrettably i forget i PW, i tried a request to change the PW but then there's another problem.

Outlook doesn't want me to check my mail, i can log in perfectly fine but can't get past the verification thing which i need a phone for (which died years ago).
I did try to recover it but all they give is automated responses...

So here i am, wondering what i should do, and i do want to play mabi again but not start all over.

I did send a ticket which probably will take a while.

I'm fed up with how many hotmails i have to make just to get it blocked again...
So i decided to move to Gmail, no problems so far.

What info do i need to give?

I do know the account name but not the password.
I do know my character's names and what race they are.
I play on Alexina.
I may not remember the pet names but i do know what they are, like 1 hot air balloon imp.

Surprisingly i got a screenshot of one of my characters, and how they looked with the gears that i have. (if it's still there...)

So... yeah. What can i do? What should i do?


  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
    Mabinogi Rep: 34,685
    Posts: 7,898
    Are you using Outlook from the APP or are you using it from the browser? I think if we could figure out if you can access your email, you'll be ok.

    If you're unable an must rely on the ticket, you may have sufficient info as long as you submitted everything in your ticket. Be sure to follow up with support and if they need anything else, try to provide it to them.
  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 21,745
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    edited February 27, 2020
    Read the phone verification page clearly, it may give you the option to skip it for another verification process.

    If you can log into your Nexon page, you can then launch a ticket with Nexon to change the email account it is pointed to, for the future.