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People's favorite aspects of the game...


  • KagaKaga
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    edited March 5, 2020
    Favorite aspect? Aspect of Might
  • SqueeSquee
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    Posts: 201
    For me, my favorite thing when I used to play this years ago used to be that you never had to do one thing a certain way. For every battle and every story, you could use whatever skill-set you wanted and there were multiple strategies in pretty much everything because the skill-sets were balanced (At the time I started, the skill-sets were mostly balanced and there wasn't too much advantage to using one over another other than certain enemies that were immune to certain skill-sets in group dungeons). And there were calls for each skill-set, like when Peaca used to not be solo-able and you needed parties with a variety of skill-sets. The game was about being whatever you wanted to be in the game and choosing the skills that would fit your play-style best. This was back before stupid ridiculous pay to win reforges were common place, and you mostly only had your own training to win. If you didn't want to die, you went to the shop and picked up some Nao stones. The game design used to be clever, and everything from immunities to skills felt like they had a purpose (for the most part.) Life skills felt important because even if you didn't use them, the stat boosts you got from things like carpentry or other skills would help a little bit if you didn't know what else to train. And the events used to be clever and usually would have good rewards, unlike these current ones that are mostly just "log in and AFK for an hour and you get a reward".

    These days... Everything I liked about the game back then has gone out the window. Now you just train up a few specific skills and you can usually win almost any battle. If you don't have stupid level reforges for your skills, you're never going to beat some of the content in this game put out in the last few years. These days, I think most people have similar skill-sets. Everyone has to train up chain slash and ninja because those are the skills to winning the game, and the game has become so unbalanced it feels like there's really no rhyme or reason for any of the poor design choices they make. I used to spend money on this game because I wanted to, but now it feels really forced. Now I feel like the game is trying to force me to spend money on it for items I need to just get strong enough to win the game because the skills you train just aren't enough anymore. The feeling of using your own determination and creativity to win battles has pretty much been replaced with "Pay money to stock up on stones to revive yourself and pay to get all these reforges or else you're never going to be good enough to do these overly difficult dungeons with unfair designs". The game is still beatable if you know how, but it requires unfair and unbalanced advantages. I almost never had to use the wiki in the past except for how to beat certain final bosses. But these days, I end up having to do it for almost every battle since G19 because the game has gotten so unbalanced and unfair that you'll basically be murdered if you don't know what you're getting into.

    But there have been good things added. I think that things like the technique system, with a little improvising, and the new spirit weapon system, again with a little modification, would be great. The game has had some good ideas in recent years, but they just haven't been executed very well. The Spirit Ascension update was a prime example of that. It was a wonderful idea, ruined by poor implementation. I like that they've tried to implement things for the higher level players looking for more from the game, but don't appreciate the forced difficulty that the game had tried to force down my throat in recent days. There are good aspects, but most of them are overshadowed by poor design.