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Game crashes, knocking out wifi

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in Bugs and Glitches
Hello everyone. Yes the Doki Doki nightmare continues. My friend and I are across the country from each other and are having the same issues. "Connection to game terminated abnormally". As I'm sure many of you havery gotten this message before due to Nao's instability at the moment. But unfortunately for me these crashes also take out my computer's wifi as well. No other devices on the network are affected. But like clockwork, every time this game goes down, it takes my connection out with it. Often for hours. "How do you know it's the game and not just your computer?" Well you see, I opened ESO, Vindictus, Archeage, AND Guild Wars 2 and let them run for a few hours each. No wifi termination. No crashing. I'm aware that my computer is obviously part of the problem due to Mabinogi being able to crash the wireless software. But I've never had this issue before with this game or any other game in the 2 years I've had the laptop. Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this??


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    I only experience disconnection with WIFI taken out when everyone else is using WIFI at home, 1 smart tv on youtube, another tv probably streaming something, 4-5 phones/devices also on. The error I usually end up getting is that the computer is unable to access IP, but not isolated to using Mabi.

    Your case is definitely interesting in that other online games you use don't have the same issue happening.