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  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Helsa wrote: »
    아이씨 wrote: »
    It's probably better to save your money during a pandemic like this than to spend it on merch.

    It may not be. It depends on whether the pandemic has induced deflation. @Kensamaformerlyofmari, err I mean, @Kensamaofmari will now explain.

    Some governments have borrowed money to give handouts for the very purpose of having people continue to spend. The handout money is not intended to be given for your savings. Of course, people have to take care of their priorities and necessities first. That does not mean expenditure on other goods and services are not necessary. It is important to try to consume as much as normal as possible to keep businesses running, because you don't want to trigger a spiral that leads to economic depression.

    I think consumers have done a pretty good job, taking care of their necessities first and then consolidate their spending, and are spending enough to keep some businesses and services afloat. The main concern is as unemployment grows with a growing number of businesses contracting and ceasing operation, things could become a lot worse economically.

    But that doesn't mean authorities need to cave into pressure and force the issue on reopenings.

    In the end, spend as you see fit, prioritize your expenses, and if you somehow have some extra to spend on non-essentials, feel free to spend wisely, the economy as a whole will appreciate it, but don't go spending what you don't have or more than you can.