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Kraken Heart Hunting

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edited April 20, 2020 in Guild and Party Recruitment
(Yes I'm aware it's a lofty goal, and not an easy feat!)

I'm looking for seriously interested players to run for kraken hearts. I need 2 of them. I have nowhere near enough gold or even assets to afford the absurd cost of "1.7b" or whatever outrageous price it's trying to be sold for, so please don't offer to sell to me xD. I just straight up cant afford it.

If you're genuinely interested in helping me get these 2 hearts, please note me in game (Itzu) to perhaps work out some kind of bargain. At present I have dan 3 smithing and dan 1 MC; working towards dan 3 (albeit slowly), r1 tailoring, enchant, hillwen. (maybe we can work out a crafting deal or something?)

I would be incredibly grateful for any help I can get towards this :D

Thanks for reading!