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Returning player LF Pacific time zone guild

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edited May 17, 2020 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Here's my post on Discord...

LF a guild that welcomes newbies and returning players that haven't been on for years and is willing to bring them up to date with all of this new content and the new ways of doing things for earning gold and leveling. Preferably an older audiences guild over 21. A guild that doesn't mind if they're casual gamers that have to work etc and isn't surprised if they leave the guild due to being busy etc. (work as in if Covid didn't exist) preferably a small to medium sized guild within the Pacific time zone. A guild that likes raids, leveling, dungeoneering, life skilling, etc.

Send me a PM (in this case a message in the forum inbox) of your guild advertisement and guild name. (A reply is fine too.) IGN: Yuen