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Buying/Selling/Looking For Items (UPDATED)

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I've been going through my Dressing Room, inventory, bank and a few of my pets the other day and I found a lot of items that i don't want anymore, so i'm deciding to put them here

S> Outfits
Double-breasted Suit (F)
Special Chic Vacation Outfit (M)
Bunny Rain Coat (M)
Ruffled Halter Negligee
Aloha Vacation Outfit (F)
Odd Kitty Outfit (F)

S> Hats
Odd Kitty Head (F)
Bear Hood
Droopy Kitty Ear Headband

S> Shoes
Stellar Boots (M)
Pirate Crewman Boots

S> Gloves

S> Robes/Wings

S> Tails

S> Face Accessories

S> Weapons
Celtic Guardian Staff (Magic Attack +9, Artisan upgrade 107 INT, 6th step S, No r1 reforge, Erg 14)
Celtic Tribolt Wand (Magic Attack +40, 5th Step S, No R1 Reforge, Erg 5)

S> Blunt Weapons/Misc.
Surf Board
Free Repair Kit Set (5) x22

Shamala's Transformation Medal (Succubus Queen) 20m
Misty Red Gem (250m plus Casual Date Sneakers and Moonlight Hammer Ferghus Doll Bag)

TF> Or Trading above Items for the following
Moonlight Dreams Witch Attire (F)
Special Imperial Commander Uniform (F)
Couple's Magic Knight Officer Suit (F)
Freestyle Rocker Special Wear
Special Mist Kimono
Ceraunus (any race is fine)
Special Cotton Candy 2nd Title Coupon

Note Nekodes


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    Bump :p
    Looking for a Catsidhe
  • NekodesNekodes
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    Trading Officer's enchant for any Corgi
  • NekodesNekodes
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    (Removed all sold items)
    Buying Misty Red Gem :^)