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Steam Engineer Toolbox

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edited June 3, 2020 in Content from Other Regions

OH MY GOD, are those animated wings with rotating cogs? Oh devcat what have you done???
Steam powered weapons WITH STEAM COMING OUT??? I will have them ALL.

Devcat, appealing to my affinity for steampunk again. Let round two commence!


  • WolfsingerWolfsinger
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    .....I might be interested
  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited June 4, 2020
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    .....I might be interested

    These are not quite the steampunk goggles I wanted tbh.
    I wanted something more like this.
    WithOUT that weird brim. That brim makes it weird looking. I don't like it. I'm glad they finally implemented my suggestion and are listening to our suggestions, but this is not exactly what I wanted. I just wanted some tasteful steampunky goggles that rested above your brow like a headband.

    Plus even the goggles that are on your face are aviator goggles, not welding goggles, and the other pair the vision is WAY too obstructed. I guess I will have to wait another decade.


    I do like the respirator though. The last one we got had this white circle X in the front part that wasn't dyable - that caused me to sell that accessory right back. At least these are golden and will flow with my color scheme better. Thank you devcat.
  • GypsySpiritGypsySpirit
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  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    I remember when the Steampunk idea was made. Good that they've actually made it.