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Spirit Weapon Conversation

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in General Chat
Hi, ever since the spirit weapon update, I noticed that my spirit weapons do not have responses to the generic keywords and don't talk very often like old spirit weapons. Mines is only level 30 atm. Do they ever change in dialogue as they get stronger (as in have more responses to keywords/talk more about themselves)? I do use Interaction Crafter to make dialogue, but it's not that interesting because I wrote it lol. Thanks!


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    I think they change (default) conversation at ~level 40.
    Not sure if they change again later, but it's definitely kinda disappointing.

    I was kind of disappointed that they changed/removed their responses to so so many keywords, when compared to their Classic counterparts, but yeah as you mentioned the Interaction Crafter is how you can fix it yourself if you're so inclined.

    I guess it was to avoid weird instances where, like, a Female Bow spirit would say how much Smash sucks compared to Magnum Shot even though you put her on a Two-Handed Sword and not a Bow. (Though they do still have their own biases anyways, like a Male Wand Spirit will still say he likes magic even if he's on a Chain Blade)