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Spellwing {Open for Recruitment}

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What is Spellwing?
Spellwing is a small, friendly guild – less than 30 members at the moment - with aims towards bettering ourselves and each other. We’ve been around since June 2020. We have a variety of activities ranging from in-game and out-of-game events (these are being planned out).

Guild Leadership
Leader: Hawklinne (Discord: Hawklinne#0813)
Officer: kiloi1234
Guild Administration: TBD

Goals of Spellwing:
The goals of Spelling are simple: we aim to have fun while providing a safe and casual environment for everyone. We also value personal goals such as self-growth/self-improvement, honesty, and patience. While you are with us, we encourage people to become friends with one another and to have an environment where it’s safe to be yourself and where you can open up and explore new things.

Benefits of being in Spellwing (this is continually updating):
> Guild Crafting Services (when applicable)
> Regular Guild Chats
> Shadow Mission Runs
> Movie nights or series binges (currently on a Courage the Cowardly Dog binge)
> Interaction outside of Mabinogi (we play other games as well)

Recruitment Process:

Our recruitment process is fairly simple, and we don’t have any level requirements or requirements in general for the guild. Any applicants who are interested in the guild should contact anyone on the administrative team listed above, more luck with Hawklinne.

After there’s initial contact, applicants will be let into the Discord and then asked to fill out an application via a bot. The application will then be reviewed by the administrative team and, if accepted, the applicant will be let in as a potential member.

Potential members go through a one week trial where they have access to guild chat and can mingle with the members, ask for help, etc. If the applicant feels like the guild is fit for them, they will be let in.

Please note that, once you are in the guild server, you must send Hawklinne the word "Alpaca" in her DM's once you've read the rules that are in the Discord to acknowledge that you've read and agreed to them. This will also allow you access to the rest of the server once you are approved to be a potential member.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!