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Looking for a social guild~ ♥

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edited July 28, 2020 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello. I have been trying for a while to find a fitting guild.
I'm looking for a smaller guild that mainly focuses on socializing. I like to hang out on Mabi and kill time by chatting/doing fashion/decorating HS or whatever. I'm not really so much into running dungeons unless it's needed for an event. The problem is that most smaller guilds are pretty much inactive. Also, many guilds rely on VC, which I'm not really into either.
The last guild I considered joining only talked on Discord and never wanted to spend time on Mabi, which isn't really for me considering I'm usually online ingame. A LGBTQ+ friendly guild would be awesome. It would be great to find a place to make close friends at. Anyway just send me a note or add me~ ♥

Ign: XXjuuzou