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Well, that wasn't too difficult (10k corgi)


  • FrahaleahFrahaleah
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    edited July 26, 2020
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Pip-Boy wrote: »
    I started farming materials in earnest and found that Fiodh Int floor one is decent for farming red and blue gems. The pass is fee is 31k which can easily be recouped. Lower floors are great for farming werewolves and there are an abundance of mimics which have decent gem drop rate. I get around 30+ werewolf gems and enough materials to make 20 or so magic powders per run. It seems the devs were considerate enough to show us a good place to farm via the coin quests so you should be running it anyway for the coins.
    I also found out that you can also fuse up to 10 fynni pets onto your main pet in a single sync so you'll need significantly less than 500+ magic powders.
    It's a shame fynni pets are so weak. I finally have my long held dream of owning a flying sword pet realized only to have it come in a bite sized form with piss poor stats and be relegated to fusion material status. That's beyond lame. On the plus side I won't have to worry about swapping between mounts when I can make one that lasts all day so outweighs it.

    Don't mean to rain on the Fynni Pet Parade, but even if you Sync 10 Fynni Pets at once, it's still 1 Perfume per Fynni Pet.
    It's just a small time saver, but doesn't have an effect on perfume usage. 10 Fynni Pets in one Sync is still 10 Perfume.

    10 Fynni need 100 Magic Powder, so significantly less than 500
  • MaiaMaia
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    edited July 26, 2020
    Syncing multiple pets at once is actually less efficient as any excess from any individual fynn sync isn't carried over. It's more efficient to calculate each individual pet you are syncing in, also doing one at a time allows for great successes to actually count for something. If you great succeed during a 10 count sync, there's a good chance the great success will not carry over onto another rank.

    That said, this content is pretty easy. I found PTJ/buying cheap HW and burning the quickest method of getting powders by far. You can "enchant burn" anything and get a powder, so I burned 1 gold at a time for magic powders.

    I actually got this yesterday but for anyone who is curious, I'll share some screenshots. Granted I'm missing a few levels of divine link sub skills. I ended up with my Corgi (warrior) being about 18k total upon completion (no buffs, no consumables in ss except divine link):



    Next up is a scooter imp, and then either a wizard corgi or jack.