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♡ art for items ♡ [Nao/open]

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Offering art in exchange for some items (in spoiler) if anyone wants (currently not taking gold, sorry!), I can also take ko-fi/rlc or art trades (might be a bit picky with art) c:
-anything good for a ninja
-anything that can help with levelling/getting stronger
-Giant Seal Doll
-Special Dark Divination Short Dress
-Succubus Queen Half Bodysuit
-Snow Princess Dress (F) (normal or special)
-Succubus Queen Wings
-Jeweler Crystal Tail
-Black Rose Clutch
-Black Rose Bouquet
-Command Seals of Rin Tohsaka
-Enuma Elish Ea
-Fate puppets
-Secret Garden Wings (dyeable version)
-Graceful Long Wave Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
-Special Breezy Marine One Piece (F)
-Destructive Robe (F)
-Succubus Bodywear
-White Succubus Outfit
-Pink Blooming Wings

-Ginormous Strawberry Waffle
-Black Rose Earring and Headpiece (F)
-Black Rose Right Earring
-Casual Training Wear (F) (special or normal)
-Furious/Special Sinful Thorn Wings
-Demonic Eye Halo
-Black Rose Heels (F)
-Sweet Flower Crown Halo
-Fragrant Flower Crown Halo
-Snow Princess Gloves (F)
-Vampire Hunter Outfit (F)
-Catsidhe Tail
-Devil Tail
-Llywelyn doll bag
-Dark Divination Heels
-Romantic Rose Dress (F)
-Evil Order Bishop Chair
-Rose Wreath (flower crown)
-G22 doll bag (compact or normal)
-Black Rose Halo
-Succubus Queen Boots
-Eiren Chain Slasher Outfit (F) <- normal or special is fine? I haven't noticed any difference or I'm blind lol
-Strawberry Macaron Balloon
-Special Shallow Waters Mermaid Dress (F)
-Abaddon Sovereign Horns
-Private Academy Junior Uniform (F)
-Cheerful Bride Dress
-Death Herald Wig and Veil (F)
-Candy Pop Riding Hood Outfit (F)
-Tech Chic Handheld Console
-Femme Fatale Dress (F)
-Enchanted Bride's Wig and Veil
-Mysterious Girl Outfit
-Celestial Daydream Dress
-Black Sacred Daemon Wings
-Cherry Blossom Glass Wings
-Red Ice Dragon Wings
-Pink Rune Wings
-White Flowerless Wings
-Ivory Doily Wings
-Black Blooming Wings
-Constellation Wings (dyeable)

Low Priority:
-Cat-Shaped Mask
-Noble Teardrop Mask
-Black Rose Winter Chair
-Rose Grace Halo
-Pointy Bunny Tail
-Floral Glass Coffin
-Wonderful Magic Mirror Halo
-Fantastic Magic Mirror Halo
-Cessair's Heart Boots
-Halloween Vampire Dress
-House Roswaal Maid Outfit (F)
-Musician Crop Top Outfit (F) (without idle)
-Special Mysterious Thief Light Suit (F)
-Rin Tohsaka Casual Wear/other Fate outfits
-hot springs duck slippers
-Starry Lights Birdcage Seat
-Refined Afternoon Tea Table
-Dreamy Chair Swing
-Del's Lueys' Frilly Dress
-Crinoline Dress
-Mystic Cirque Dress (F)
-Sailor One-Piece
-Pink Butterfly Wings
-Bone Blade Wings
-Mini Luminous Sunlight Ceremony Wings

-Golden Ceraunus
-Lodi Infernal
-Mart Kart
-Dark Knight X
-Fallen Fairy
-Dapple Thunder Spaniel
-Red Panda
-White/Black Cotton Ostrich
-White Flame Spider
-White Tiger Cub
-Spotted Deer
-Rainbow Sprite
-Guardian Spider
-Little Ghost
-Bone Dragon
-Nine-Tailed Fox
-Shark Robe Seal
-Flying Food Truck
-Gingerbread Truck

[more examples]
full-body (old examples)

Payment required after I send the sketch ^^ (ign: Belphiie)

✅: humanoid, pair, OCs, fanart/game characters, oc x canon, flat-faced anthro/furry (show me/depends)
❌: NSFW, group (3+), muscles, animals/furries (ears/tails okay)

~Form~ (you can message me elsewhere if you prefer, my discord is Sleepy#8368)
Pose: (you can give a specific ref or just give me an idea)
Extra Notes:

(-1 vote for #3, that was me lol)
  1. how’s the pricing? ;;8 votes
    1. too low ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
       38% (3 votes)
    2. it’s fine ヽ(・∀・)ノ
       50% (4 votes)
    3. too high (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
       13% (1 vote)