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Tales of a Milletian


  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    My Guiding Light

    Author's Notes: I had such a fond time turning our wedding into a short story. The two of us have married since February 9th 2014. My husband is my everything and I forever am thankful for this game for bringing the two of us together.

    IGN: Fayewind
    Server: Nao
    Word count: 300

    The room was alight with the dancing flames of a small fire. The warmth amidded a peaceful glow as a young woman sat down in front of it. Everything about her life was simply perfect. She closed her eyes, from the other room she could hear her beloved husband reading bedtime stories to their young twins. She smiled peacefully, as memories of that day echoed in her mind.

    She still remembered it like it was yesterday...

    The sky was painted hues of blue and the singing of birds echoed throughout the land. Under a rustic archway that was decorated with vibrant red roses, she stood. Adorned in an elegant white wedding dress, with dark blue roses for the neckline. She knew that this day was going to be the most perfect and enchanting day of her life.


    And then it happened, the moment she was waiting for. She took a few steps forward as her eyes met those of her intended. Those same eyes that stole her heart each day and captivated her soul. How he made her heart flutter in the wind. Joyful tears trickled down her cheeks as the loving sound of his wedding vows echoed melodically into her ears and down to her heart. Their marriage was then sealed with their first kiss as husband and wife.


    The day was simply phenomenal...

    She opened her eyes to the sound of her husband walking out of the room. Following behind him were two small corgi puppies. He sat beside her and wrapped his arms around her as he pulled her close. She lay her head on his shoulder as the two puppies jumped on their laps to snuggle also. A loving husband, beautiful children, puppies, what more could she ask for? Life was perfect. Their life was perfect.


  • EirynnaEirynna
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    IGN: Eirynna

    Colors of Nature

    I am the cloud chaser,
    the Eweca dancer and Ladeca singer.
    I am the wind talker,
    forest folk and sunrise gazer.
    I am one with the storm and rain.
    I wish that I can experience all these again and again.

    On this day, my hand, my bow,
    I gallop across the sand and snow.
    I loved the sound of saddle squeaked.
    Clippity-clop of the hooves in my head.
    The silky velvet sky filled with stars as my bed.

    We are never satisfied with the cards we've been dealt with.
    I feel lucky if I can even breathe.
    We either feel too cold or too hot.
    Never stop to smell the roses we got.
    Though Millitians we may be.
    But time passes judgment equal to us all, that I guarantee.

    I am exalted as a hero.
    Sung as one who Saved the Goddess, alright.
    Savior of Erinn and even Dragon Knight
    Many more names and titles I have been called.
    But all of that made me feel small.

    I find more solace in the wonder of nature.
    The chirping birds, and the wolfs howl.
    The solemn and sentimental hooting of the tawny owl.
    The cries of the river, the wonderous glacier.
    The melodious sound of falling leaves.
    Always left me in awe and disbelief.

    I have journeyed far and wide.
    Many moments, many miles.
    Many trails, many smiles
    On and on I shall go.
    On my horse with my bow.
  • JoeyDee9JoeyDee9
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    I wanted to try something different, so have a haiku sonnet about Rabbie Phantasm.
    Phantastic reward
    Awaiting below the floor
    Dive into the halls

    Four stone Guardians
    Into the dungeon deeper
    Children protecting

    Final key bearer
    Two long dead lich serve their lord
    Throne room doors open

    Beauty the eyes can’t ignore
    Grace in adventure

    Queen subdued; released; friendly
    Mother to her whole kingdom

    IGN : Alchemy
    Server : Nao
  • AveariaAvearia
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    IGN: Avellane
    Server: Alexina

    Dedicated to my dear friend Aprilka

    April Showers Bring Ave Flowers

    “Ave, do you wanna run a shadow mission?”

    The question roused me from my stupor and I turned to look at her grinning face. I honestly wanted to just continue sitting and staring at the scenery, but my mouth ran faster than my brain and replied, “Sure, I’m down!”

    It was always like this. As a Milletian, I never could say no to the pleas of people, and ended up becoming a yes-man. I waved off the feeling of annoyance and got up with my weapon, ready to accompany her into battle.

    And so, it began.

    Every day, she never failed to ask the same question. And every time, I never failed to answer otherwise. The feeling of reluctance to join her slowly diminished, as I started enjoying the time I spent with her. Gazing into oblivion was my second favorite thing now – waiting for her became my first. Day by day, I became more and more eager to see her.

    Before I met her, I did not have much to do. I had no motivation to run mundane quests or go adventuring for fun. Doing such things on my own brought no joy to me. They merely reminded me of my loneliness. The feeling of a having a companion awakened my spirit, and I wanted to get stronger, do more quests and explore new terrains.

    And now, when I see her coming from the distance, I quickly get up and pick up my weapon to greet her in advance. And with a smile, I say to her.

    “April, would you like to run a shadow mission?”



    Too much has happened and I can't condense everything into a short story. This is just one of the many things that I could present in 300 words. You call me the glue of our group, but I believe you're the one that brought us all together and made us stay. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been around long enough to see the charm in everyone.

    Thank you April, for bringing joy to my fantasy life :) I love you <3
  • SpelliannaSpellianna
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    Server: Alexina
    IGN: Spellianna
    Word Count: 290

    It was Dragon Boat racing time. I joined my “shark“ family, we even had our shark robes on. We were going to get first place on every single channel. Dominate Alexina. There were 10 of us. It was easy. We were dominating all the channels, including our home channel. Only, this time. I don't know what happened. We started drifting towards the waterfall. Had one of our own betrayed us? It was fine. We had plenty of time to recover. Or, so we thought. We tried to correct it, get back in the stream to continue down the river and not off the edge of the waterfall. But the damage was done.

    We clipped the corner, beaching the Dragon Boat at the fork in the river for just a moment, right at the foot of a hobgoblin. It was alright. We were sure the river would carry us down the stream and not beach us. A few precious milliseconds passed. We continued to row. Then erupted into screams and laughter.

    How the Gods? We didn't know how we did it. But we were paddling across land like it was water! Over the mountain, perhaps we would slide back into the river and finish the course? No, it seemed. The Gods would not let us conquer all the channels in first place today. We drifted over the land, back into the river. Straight towards the waterfall. Un-breathing in laughter and disbelief, we abandoned the ship. Docking as fast as humanly possible, still laughing in disbelief. We bailed. Where even were we? We had no idea. We ran for the nearest Mana Tunnel. Still laughing. Deciding to try again another day; yet it would be a moment ingrained in our family forever.
  • NulanaNulana
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    I'm kinda late to the party, but I recently beat the two Saga storylines, and the conclusion to Ruairi's story absolutely broke me. So I wrote a little story about my (character's) thoughts on him.
    IGN: Nulana
    Server: Nao
    Word Count: 300

    You said you'd never forget my name. Now I can’t seem to forget yours.

    I came to Erinn alone, completely clueless. All I knew was, I wanted to be a warrior. And in this world, it wasn’t long before I heard about you. You were something of a legend. They talked about you in whispers, about how strong you were, and how you disappeared.

    Through memories, it felt like I knew you. Your kind smile, your bond with Mari and Tarlach. How determined you were to save the Goddess. Seeing how your quest was cut short made my heart ache. I swore to finish what you’d started.

    I wish I could have helped your brother, but he had been gone for a long time. If you had just let me explain that, instead of screaming at me…

    If we could have talked just once...

    The pain in my heart as I had to fight you was greater than the pain in my body as you knocked me down.

    When you finally realized the truth, and fought back against the real danger, I was happy. Even after the battle, when you disappeared, I was sure it was okay.

    Learning that you still hated me after all this time was the worst feeling imaginable. I didn’t want to be your enemy. We should have been friends!

    You hurt so many people as the Black Dragon Knight. But the one you hurt the most was yourself.

    Our last fight tore me apart. Seeing you throwing away everything for revenge, wondering if I could have prevented this…

    But we both made our choices. I swore I would protect this world. Even if that meant protecting it from you.

    And once more, I saved Erinn. And once more, I couldn’t save you.

    I’m sorry, Ruairi.
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    The Trash of Erinn
    IGN: Kenkosama
    Server: Nao

    I wake up to another morning and head out to work. Town is bustling with activity from an event. Something scrunches against my shoes as I step outside. I look down and see trash. I look up and scan my eyes around the streets. Trash, trash everywhere.

    You see, Erinn has a terrible trash problem, and it is worsened during events. Right now, there is some fishing event. People flock together to fish for all sorts of things. However, they only keep the most valuable event items. Anything else, is trash which is dumped in the streets. No one seems to care for the odor or hazards of such squalor though.

    You can find all sorts of trash dumped. Dungeon passes, music scores, large nails, branches, even food. Sometimes you may find gems!

    I try to do my part and clean up, but it never ends. There's only so much one can salvage from all the waste. Today, I find some useful items. A gem, unwanted potions. Maybe this roasted bacon would be a nice treat for pets. Ah! There's a tossed out set of armor. Hopefully, the owner of this won't be looking for it. When I’m done searching through the pile of trash, it’s afternoon and time to go home

    At home, I feed my pets the bacon so they won’t distract my sorting. By the time I'm done, the sun is setting in the sky and another day has passed by. But tomorrow will likely be the same. As long as there are events, there will be unwanted items littered on the streets on Erinn. What type of items are available salvage tomorrow? Maybe something nice like today? Or nothing at all. One thing's for sure, the amount of trash here never ceases.
  • GinchiGinchi
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    IGN: Ginchi
    Server: Alexina

    Title: My Fantasy Life Was Going Nowhere, So I Picked Up Trash And Lived Life As A Monkey Through The Medium Of A Shakespearean Sonnet

    Doest thy heart forswear still these troubled times?
    For mine lay dead in eternal abyss
    As I venture Erinn begging for dimes
    At which hour shall i findeth mine own bliss?
    Walking through town in quiet reverie
    At which hour abruptly dirt kissed mine lip
    Something on the road did cause i to REEEEEE!
    Phooey! T’wast naught but masterless equip
    And thus layeth eyes on its monkey visage
    So weird, so vile yet so much alluring
    Heart ceased beating, brain turned smooth like porridge
    Vile rubbish golden in mine own deeming
    Fate hath decided, t’is time for a change
    Chain'd Sir nay more, but a monkey free-range

  • FaybalFaybal
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    IGN: Sarin
    Server: Nao
    Word Count: 300

    Title: Caravan Chaos
    Ladeca and Eweca shined brightly, illuminating the night sky as the caravan of merchants slowly made their way across Blago Prairie.
    The sweet scent of grapes radiated throughout the route as 7 merchants from the Capulet guild trekked forward, unaware of any bandits that may be hiding inside of the grapevines. I, the famed milletian, was making a routine commerce run. I had recently obtained a large sum of ducats and
    I was eager to start spending my hard-earned currency.
    This was a huge mistake.

    Under the veil of darkness, a platoon of bandits sneakily emerged, led by their leader, a villain dubbed "Stinky Berkkus".
    They quickly surrounded my entire caravan, drooling at the sight of expensive merchandise. My caravan, now caught off guard, readied for a
    gruesome battle over the fate of our goods.

    The bandit archers quickly dispatched the front line of my caravan while the small but electrifying imp hurled bolt after bolt of lightning at my party.

    Finally, my caravan and I were outnumbered. The bandits quickly started snatching up any valuables they could find-- which resulted in me losing a large portion of my newly acquired fortune. The bandits began to escape; my hope for the recovery of my goods was dwindling by the millisecond.

    Quick on her feet, the leader of the caravan quickly whipped out her control bars and launched a surprise counterattack on the escaping bandits.
    Most of the bandits had already escaped, but she managed to snare one of the remaining bandits, giving an opening for our party to retaliate.
    We launched an all-out attack on this master bandit Giant. He quickly succumbed, and we recovered a tiny portion of our stolen goods. We revived the rest of our 7-man caravan and set up camp for the night.
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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  • BelliaBellia
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    IGN: Bellia
    Server: Nao
    (Word count: 289)
    An Unexpected Companion


    It was a crisp early autumn day in Erinn. Bellia, the Milletian, decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a stroll through Dugald Aisle. The stress of battle had been getting to her recently, and she needed to take her mind off things.

    As she strolled, she noticed a tiny box resting next to a rock, almost as if it had been placed there on purpose. She glanced around, but saw nobody. Growing more curious, she cautiously approached the package.


    Suddenly, a tiny voice squeaked from the box. The Milletian jumped, then leaned down to get a better look. It was a neatly wrapped present with a beautiful bow on top. She could leave it alone, but Bellia knew that ignoring strange occurrences in the world of Erinn never led to any fun, so she knelt down and gently loosened the ribbon.

    Before she could even fully remove the bow, the lid popped open and:

    "My savior! My hero!"

    Oh no.

    "Thank you, thank you, human! Heehee!"

    It was an imp, but not a typical one. Yes, he had the strange (sometimes grating) speech pattern, but he wore a silly little goggle cap on his head. Most imps didn't choose to accessorize in this way. Bellia was intrigued, but nodded her goodbye to the imp and began walking away.

    "My love, wait! Stay with meeeeeeeee!"

    "Get away from me."

    "You're too far away! Slow down!"

    "Stop following me...!" Her words implied annoyance, but her amused tone betrayed her true feelings. This little guy was fun.

    "Leave it to the world of Erinn to unite a battle-worn Milletian with a silly little imp companion", Bellia thought to herself with a grin. "I'm glad I came here."

  • xxmimixxmimi
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    IGN: Jaein
    Server: Nao

    The Struggle Of Being In The Middle

    It was a warm, sunny Thursday in Mag Mell. I sat down on a grass after a tiring fight in the dungeon.
    "Gosh, that was tiring." I murmured to myself, completely unaware of an approaching Knight.

    "Jaein! Jaein!" A young, blue, and and shoulder-length hair man wearing a knight armour strode over to me. Looking up, I realised that it was Caswyn.
    "Sup, Caswyn! How did you get here?", I replied.
    "Oh I don't know, I'm just wandering around as usual." Caswyn said. "Glad to see you here."
    "I know right? Me too!" I replied and smiled back to him , "You can sit down if you want!"
    "I'll take you up on that offer!" He sat next to me, on my left.
    "I haven't seen you much since last time you were in Avalon" Caswyn said to me, trying to make a conversation, "How are things going with yo-"

    Caswyn got cut off after a voice shouted, "Jaein?! I FOUND YOU!"

    A man with white, silvery hair approached me quickly. He waved his hands from afar.
    "Ugh, Llywelyn..." Caswyn grumbled. "What are you doing here, you little-"
    "Hello Jaein, Caswyn." Llywelyn greeted us both. "I'm just here to tell Jaein about our new mission.."
    "I can do that," Caswyn said. "Off you go."
    "Altam ordered me to, Caswyn. I need to talk to her." Llywelyn replied. Caswyn doesn't seem to be happy about the response.
    "I'm not leaving, Caswyn. In fact, I am going to sit riiiiiiight here." Llywelyn said as he sat to my right.

    Great. I'm stuck between both of them.
    I sighed quietly.
    "Please guys, I love you both." I thought to myself with a slight smile.


    (didn't realised it has to be 300 words or lower, ooops) <3
  • LenkyunLenkyun
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    IGN: Xavien
    Server: Nao
    Word Count: 290 words
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Dynamic Challenger
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Just breathe.

    The world twists in infinite possibilities, winding together to form each opportunity, each chance, and a Milletian stands at the precipice, ready once more for a challenge thrust upon him. It’s a test, he thinks, and maybe he should be used to it with so many lives behind him, but it is, nevertheless, something he approaches with resolution alongside friends, alongside family found and pieced together through the fires of battle and mirth of festivities.

    They’d proven themselves together in the forest, facing down the challenges laid before them, the guardian’s voice urging them onward with guiding clues on the need for demonstrating their ability not just in strength but in cooperation. Each test showed their unity with each other and their animal companions, and now, here, in front of the final gate, they prepare for the final face-off.


    Breathe, he reminds himself as his gray eyes close and he steadies himself, one hand reaching to pet the fur between his companion’s ears. Behind him, he can hear his friends make their final preparations as well, and he feels lighter at the sound of it, knowing he can rely on them just as they can on him. He stretches, feeling the energy of excitement pulse through his veins as a grin touches his lips, anticipation of their last confrontation taking its hold. He’d be ready to rush in, to fight, to show what they’re capable of. It isn’t fate - together, they have defied that time and again - but something is calling them to action all the same. It’s the pure thrill, perhaps.

    Behind him, one of his friends asks, “Xavien, are you ready?”

    One last steadying breath and he nods even as he rolls his shoulder. “Let’s do this.”
  • androidanna1androidanna1
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    IGN: Sorchuh
    Server: Alexina
    Word Count: 209

    Minutes turn into hours, hours into days, and days into weeks; yet the rigid structure refuses to give what so many Milletians crave. Alby’s damp and musty stone walls continue to see many faces young and old go past, cutting down an endless stream of fomors in their wake, all unyielding in their fight for the prize.

    I am no different from those faces, continuing to drudge day after day, looking to claim my charm; even dragging myself further and further into the dungeon’s most dangerous corners. Yet, as this time grows, my will begins to falter, believing the pair of bracelets to be a lie that I will never be able to claim. No matter, that will not stop me from going until the very end, dragging my tired body through the hallowed halls.

    When all comes to pass, however, my hands lay bare. There has been no prize for me or my other, yet all is not lost. What seems to be a lost hope instead turns into favor, as my closet friend presents to me the item with a smile, having spent their time to gift it to me.

    Now we wear these bracelets with pride…
    But perhaps they will eventually take more than a bracelet.
  • MegasoulMegasoul
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    IGN: Lint
    Server: Nao
    Word Count: 217

    -The Devil's Task-

    Finally, I thought to myself. It's over. I can finally rest. Though it may have been a long journey, it was a worthy one and I can celebrate content with this mug of cider.

    Coin collection events always drain me, despite being the renowned Milletian. They trickle into my inventory like uninvited mites, never stacking in the way I expect them to. Fionnait expressed her condolences, explained that the fairies had a way with toying with people. Explained that it could be downright cruel.
    "Yeah sorry there. It's just how it works," she remarked while trading for 30 A-Grade pet whistles with one hoof and repairing 240 points of durability with the other. "One percent bonus damage doesn't come cheap."

    But that was then, before I had a nice haul of various enchanted figures and a pile of blue rocks. That was before the snake bites in Fiodh, before getting trampled by Kerune, and before the smelly scowls of Crag Cow. Now there was time to relax with the thought that sunrise tomorrow, it would all be gone.

    "Here's to the end of another event," I expressed to everyone and no one at Annick's bar.
    "It was extended." A terrible chill ran up my back. I turned to face Annick.
  • AdenoAdeno
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    Name: Adeno
    Server: Nao

    It's Never Too Late

    More than 500 years ago, there was an orphaned boy named Adeno. Without any family, he survived on his own, picking up unwanted trash and selling what the local store owner deemed worth a few gold pieces. Later on, he picked up a discarded lute. Upon playing it, he discovered that he enjoyed making sounds come out of musical instruments. He practiced day and night until eventually, he learned to play various instruments to a satisfying degree.

    Unfortunately, the little peace and happiness he had wouldn't last. Mysterious monsters appeared all over the world, and everyone of able body was required to either become a warrior or contribute to the defense of the world somehow. Adeno knew that for there to be peace in the world again, he has to sacrifice his love for music and fight the horrors of a war waged against monsters and supernatural beings.


    Years passed and Adeno grew to become a strong warrior. The war was finally over and the world's at peace again. Adeno tried to live a normal life again. He fell in love with the wrong woman who eventually betrayed his trust. The years have made his heart stone cold. The trauma of war, the things he could never unsee, the physical and emotional pain it brought all caused Adeno to become a very scary person. Even the mere sight of a spider would cause him to pull his sword and obliterate the poor creature.

    After 559 years of living alone, he heard a sound - the sound of a piano. Something was pulled from deep within his heart - his humanity, the feeling of love. Music brought back his emotions, and so he sets out on another adventure to finally learn about his first love: MUSIC!


    I'm back in the Armored Pianist saga!

  • MikallaMikalla
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    IGN: Mikala
    Server: Nao

    Inventory hotkey. Skills hotkey. Pet summoning hotkey. Press enter to chat. Press Q for quest tab.

    The confusion in the Milletian's face was evident - how was she ever supposed to fight monsters and dragons if she could barely even take two steps without accidentally opening a new tab?

    She mounted her new steed - a beautiful brown horse who she named after her cat from back home. She missed her cat, and the only friend she had made so far was Blackness, the horse.

    "Cute horse," she heard a voice from behind her.

    He couldn't possibly be talking to her, right? I mean, look around! Everyone else had fancy dragons, big cats and exotic pets she had never even dreamed of. They couldn't possibly be talking about her plain, brown horse...


    "Mine?" She asked, finally turning around to put a face to the voice. Her eyes widen at his height - a giant, she was thought, towering over her small, elven frame.

    “Yeah. Are you new?"

    She laughed, "What gave it away?"

    "Besides the Newbie wear and the egg floating above your head," he commented, "You look really lost. I'm not a veteran here or anything, but I can help you out, if you want."

    She smiled at the first friend she made, "I'd love that."

    And so, the giant and the elf quickly became best of friends - he showed her how to navigate the world and how to get stronger, and she amused him with her clumsiness and sometimes inability to perform the easiest of tasks.

    And perhaps what came after was a blessing in disguise. Before the elf had time to get her heart completely broken by him, she wondered out loud to the giant.

    "Are there any actual perks to marriages here, anyway?"

    "Yeah," he replied, "Why?"

    "I was just thinking..." and mustering those ten seconds of courage, she blurted out, "Maybe we could get married?"

    He was silent for a moment, which to her spanned an eternity, "I can't."

    The small elf looked up at the giant, a lump forming in her throat, "W-why not?"

    "Elves and giants can't marry in this world, silly." He tussled her hair, and carried on sorting through his inventory like it was nothing.

    Oh, well - I guess we never forget our first Mabi crush.

  • millusimillusi
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    Name: Euri
    Server: Nao



    I slammed the glass down. “Another!” I barked.

    Hafgan stared at me with the mildly concerned lifelessness common amongst customer service employees. “Milletian, that’s your seventh mojito in five minutes,” he said blearily, having lost his sunny beach-boy enthusiasm some two or three drinks ago.

    “An’ I need ‘leven more till I get back all th’ AP tha’ Fynn Craftin’ took,” I shot back, aiming a handful of green coins at his bared cleavage. And I swear - I definitely would have made it, if my vision didn’t swim suddenly and my head hadn’t decided to slam nose-first into the bar.

    “Maybe you should chill on the booze,” I heard above me. “You got another week to spend your coins, after all.”

    “This’s nothin’,” I groaned, picking myself up and struggling to keep him locked on with ctrl. “You shoulda seen how sloshed I got on potions while… hic, fightin’ th’ dumb noodle god… stupid… urp, scythes…”

    “Uh, you can’t even sit up straight.”

    “Anozzer moheeeeto,” I wailed, scattering little green coins over the counter. “Is k, got… lotta coins… afk… standin' all day...”

    “But I don’t think your body could—”

    “My body, huh! Surprise, surprise, ya sure weren’t worried ‘bout my body when I got heckin’ backstabbed, now were you? Any o’ you!” I screeched, waving furiously at the beach workers. So innocently playing games. Making dyes. Telling me not to drink.

    I glared at Hafgan till he sighed, and relented. Half the citrusy cocktail spilled over my shirt as I downed it but it didn’t matter. Only one thing mattered.

    “Gotta keep… bein’ able t' fight...” I told him, as the world blurred and lost its edges. Then colors. Forms. Light.

    But still, to the darkness, I said: “I jus’ gotta… get stronger… ‘n stronger… for this world... an’—”
  • FluoretteFluorette
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    IGN: Neisys
    Server: Nao

    Note: This was one idea I had mind for a while now. I'll admit, it was a bit difficult to condense it into exactly 300 words, but I definitely had fun with it!
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    "Big sis, watch this!"

    The Milletian watched the young Tarlach as he practiced his magic near the Beacon Mound in Taillteann. He had just picked up on Chain Casting bolt spells. Most impressively, he figured out how to do so without the use of a wand.

    "Hey, big sis. Do you think I'll be on par with Merlin someday?"

    The Milletian observed the eager look in his eyes. She remembered Tarlach: the first of the Three Lost Warriors she learned about.
    Tarlach, whose faith in the Goddess was crushed, but restored once she discovered the truth.
    Tarlach, who was able to sadly reunite with his friends again.
    Tarlach, who felt indebted to her thanks to her help.
    Most of all, he was someone she could speak to about the Goddess, Dorcha Feadhain, and even the once mysterious land across the sea.

    By some unfortunate turn of events, and for reasons the Milletian was still partly in the dark about, that friendship had been broken, resulting in his betrayal. The various battles against the Cessair came fresh to mind. The final result was a second chance at life for him. Not as another iteration of the one who had sincerely apologized to her, but instead, a blank slate made in his image.

    "Big sis?"

    The Milletian blinked. The young Tarlach was staring at her with a tilted head. Embarrassing as it was, she had been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she completely neglected his question. As she gave it some thought, she couldn't help but realize how naive it sounded, just as a child's dream would. Even so, he did have the potential.

    "I'm certain." answered the Milletian. She smiled accordingly.

    Satisfied, Tarlach's face would brighten up and he'd once again go over all the spells he knew with her.
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    A Dreamy Story


    When Fomors die in the dungeon, do you feel sad?

    I recalled Tani’s question as I raised my gauntlets to shield my face from the unrelenting torrent of bullets.

    Yes, I had replied. I feel sad when the Fomors die. Tani’s expression of shock was such that only a Milletian could make. I continued. The Fomors are alive too. Of course I would be sad... all life matters.

    One of the tiny succubi darted forward from the rest of the group, giggling. Before I could react, she pressed one of her dual guns under my ribcage. There was a flash.

    I rolled from my new position on the floor to take cover behind a brazier. I quickly checked my wound. No blood—there would still be a bruise, but my armor had dampened the initial shock from the blast.

    Yes, all life matters, even if it’s as annoying as you fiends.

    Their giggling echoed as they took up positions on the other side of the brazier. Each breath I caught filled my lungs with the aroma of intoxicating incense, designed to strip me of my mental defenses. What were they waiting for? Then I noticed the tall, elegant, and beautiful succubus standing over me, studying me thoughtfully. I stood slowly and held her gaze.


    The reason why we are drawn to one another is because we understand one another. I became strong to protect the people I care about. Now I know you are the same way. Your subjects are emotional and unruly, but you care about them. And there is a reason why you use illusions to mislead adventurers:

    When adventurers die in the dungeon, do you feel sad?

    She looked away with a small, sheepish smile.

    Of course I would be sad. All life matters.