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edited August 6, 2020 in Nao Marketplace
Encore Daunting Special Eiren Chain Slasher Outfit F R1 3 lines Spinning Slasher Damage 20 C/O 300M A/W 450M
Improved Avelin Armor Judgment 4 R1 3 lines Final Strike Duration 20
Bhafel Hunter R1 3 lines Max Attack Power 18
Demi Lich Full Moon Cutthroat R6 R1 3 Lines Chain Blade Mastery Max Damage 20
Ornamented Champion Ultimate Geas Devastation Chestplate F 4 Redoubled Offensive
Oblivion Ultimate Geas Devatation Circlet R1 3 Lines Magic attack 11 Offensive 4 Fire Damage 20
Solo ButterFly Fleet Feet F r1 3 lines Water Alchemy Efficiency 20
Expansive Elegant Ultimate Geas Edge Gauntlets Defiance 5 Iron 4
Engineer's Fierce Celtic Royal Warrior Hammer R1 3 lines max power 11
Untamed Girgashiy Massive Despair Hammer r6 R1 3lines Smash Damage 14,Max Attack power 20
Holy Eagle Mask Critical 4 lvl magic attack 5 max stamina 6 lvl
Forification Ultimate Geas Edge Cuirass F r1 3 lines Defiance 4 iron 4 Ice Spear Attack Radius 19
Secret Penetrating Demonic Oculus Lance R6 R2 3 Lines Windmill damage 10 , lighting 3 , fire 3
Solo Camo Saint Guardian's Gauntlets F r1 3 lines Kunckle max 18, Lance max 20, maironette critical 13
Holy Aracane Celtic Guardian Staff Int 130 Luck 32 r6 r1 3 lines Fireball 14, magic attack 20
Ultimate Geas Edge Cuirass F R1 3 Lines Lance Charge Range Width Giant 17 , Final Strike Duration 19 4 Defiance 4 , Iron 3
Ultimate Geas Edge Cuirass M Defiance 5 , iron 3 Final Hit 20 ,Bullet Slide Damage 8 , Max Stamina 18
Fleet Feet F R1 3 Lines Giant Swing Exclusive 18