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Returning player from extended hiatus (6 years)

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in Nao Chat
Hello everyone, Outlawslain here. I am picking up this game again as I missed playing this game. What is new and exciting besides additional generational quests and the spirit weapon updated (extremely excited). Also wand or staff for the ego ascension? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also for those who know who I am, is there any of the old guilds still around/active from G1 days? As I would like to get in touch again.


  • PeachePeache
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    I'm a returning player of about 7-8 years, I lost my old account so I had to start new a few days ago but I missed the game too. All the new stuff kinda makes my head spin but at least all the stuff I remember is still there. I'm not sure if your name looks familiar, what server were you on?
  • RastlinRastlin
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    Dragonlords are still around from 2008. The leader was AIexzander
  • ookieookie
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    when they merged most of the servers into Nao they demolished the guilds for the 'reset'...existing guilds had to reform to avoid any similar names or guild stones stuck within each other from different servers
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    Server merge had an event as well for titles and such.
    Nice thing about forgetting your password is that the Nexon Account now flags those attempts as suspicious and will lock your account. So you have to verify and change password twice. Nice safety net, but challenging for if I want to pop on by for nostalgia's sake.
    Better security system and refreshing to see old faces hanging around as part of the community leadership.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    The biggest change, for you, is likely to be the new combat system that came in during the introduction of fighter. They reduced the skill load times and increased their cool-down times, but left the old combat system for mobs and summoned entities. This has made one-on-one combat easier. Folks that had mastered the old combat system complained that it was "hand-holding" but, for most everyone else, it made combat more accessible and enjoyable.