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The game doesn't start. Nothing happening..

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in Technical Support
I tried to start the game from nexon launcher.

When I click Play, the launcher goes down and nothing happen.

No error message, no task appeared in task manager. It's just complete blank.

I tried to search internet to find the fix but wasn't successful.

Please give me a legit instruction to fix this problem.

Thank you.


  • HabimaruHabimaru
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    This can happen for a number of reasons (amongst the most-common being due to Windows registry errors).
    If you're using Comodo security software, make sure it's not been placed into the «Virtual Sand-Box» section of the HIPS options, from which you will need to go into the settings and remove and/or white-list any instances of the Mabinogi client.exe or any other Mabi-related programs from that section.

    I/we do not have enough information at this time in order to confirm what would fix the issue but, personally, I would start with cleaning the Windows system-registry with a reputable program (I, personally, use ZookaWare software, but it requires a paid $$$ subscription for full function [very inexpensive though & well worth it IMPO], but there are also other programs that will do it for free, such as the CCleaner from Piriform, which I notice that a number of other tech-workers often seem to use).

    If neither of these resolve the issue then we'll need more information, such as if you're using a different version of Windows other than Windows 10 (or a different O/S altogether), what kind of Anti-Virus program(s) is/are running on your system, make & model may or may not be relevant, etc.