Check out the patch notes for the September 10th update, Campfire Spirit:
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Campfire Spirit Guide

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Gather around the campfire with the renewal to the Campfire skill!


Check out the guide by clicking here.


  • CrimsọnCrimsọn
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    edited September 8
    The number of item rewards (except gems) you can acquire per day is limited for each server.

    I sure do hope that's not going to cause complications with training this skill...
  • MusicatMusicat
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    The Meow has read the article, and that sounds very interesting, but he thinks it's also harder than it sounds as well. Destroy everything you touch, huh? The Meow hopes he can experience the effects of the renewal soon enough.
  • ZaineZaine
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    I am curious as to whether or not the Burning Firewood is included in that 10 item limit a day. It is not listed in the item rewards, so it is quite confusing.