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Friends list being deleted

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So as of 11am eastern time i had a perfectly working friends list full of names and now at 10pm eastern time the friends list is completly empty and all the names have been removed or deleted im not sure why but i wonder if anyone else is having this issue i will post a ss so that everyone knows im not bluffing and that im really upset ive been here for 6 years and cant possibly remember all the ppl ive known please nexon or someone help me fix it
ok so i couldnt figure out how to post the screen shot but its empty and i have lost all my contacs and i tried everything by restarting the client and all that plz help
syrinia of alexina


  • SyriniaSyrinia
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    edited September 11
    to add alittle more information i havent added any new friends in more then a week , havent changed any settings be them minor or major ones , havent done anything with my internet or netword and the only change has been the quality of life update for mabinogi that was done for me and as it sits now i cant add ppl to my "new" friends list as it is so it must be some ugly glitch
  • aeternitisaeternitis
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    edited September 13
    Probably not it, but sometimes my FL collapses into its topmost levels and I need to double-click "ETC" to see my list again. I know, you already know that. But just in case.
  • BronzebreakBronzebreak
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    Submit a ticket.