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Connous Beach Vaca - Magic Piece 5 ???

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edited September 12, 2020 in Technical Support
Hi there,

I was wondering if this was a glitch/misinformation, or supposed to be like this and I just dont understand...?

The Beach Vaca event - Magical Piece 5 - "states" that we get 35AP and 3500% EXP upon use which SHOULD mean - 35 levels + 35AP = 35lvlx2AP event + 35AP = almost 100+ AP......................

BUT WHY............. Did I only become lvl 10 when I used it at lvl 1? (and 18AP only) and then, lvl 25 when I tried again?? O_O I thought this was like the Golden Exp berries??

Please explain . Thank you!


  • EraleaEralea
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    The EXP gained is based on how much EXP it would take to get to 100% at your current level. Since higher levels cost more exp, 100% of the exp required at lower levels will only fill subsequent bars less and less the higher you go.

    It takes 400exp to go from level 1 to level 2, so you gained 3500% of 400exp. That's 14,000exp, just enough to reach slightly above level 10.

    If you had used it at level 150, you would have gained 3500% of 2,224,000exp, or 77,840,000exp. If I haven't miscalculated, this would have gotten you to level 175 (note that this is 25 levels, not 35).

    This is less noticeable with smaller exp fruits/magical pieces like 25%-300% since the exp required doesn't change as much over those small ranges.

    At any rate, it's much easier to gain 14,000exp than 77 million exp, so you're better off reserving the pieces for when you've reached as high a level as you can stand to earn via normal grinding.
  • LeadtLeadt
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    Oh I see! Thank you for explaining the math :D !!