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[Suggestion] Fool's Day event things

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edited September 15, 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions
There are some ideas on how we could spend a week or two with a Fool's Day event. The Meow doesn't remember his last attended event of that kind, but he thinks there's often also the Easter Egg Hunt event taking place at that time. And he remembers that there was once a gift in the form of a cardboard house. Where'd I put that? Aaah.. Here's a list of what may be happening during a Fool's Day event. Some things may follow each other or be separate, else not needed.
• Rare skill failures for any direct combat, magic, or other fighting skills, even if the person's rank of such skill is 1 or above (e.g. Smash, Fire Bolt, Kunai Storm, Support Shot, Reload, Water Cannon, Dischord, etc.).
• Skill failures may be providing a special event item to-be-collected, for example, a "Mom-I-screwed-it" paper sheet or a coin, or something else. Triggering such an effect may be lethal on certain occasions, so the players must be warned about that in a notification or in an event quest description. Another way around is giving brief invincibility to whomever triggers the effect. But don't let them abuse it, yes?
• Skill failures may lead to being knocked unconscious, followed by a short scripted nightmare cutscene with an NPC using emotes. Just like with 4- and 5-star food, right? Well, or any other scripted cutscene.
• Players will see the mentioned cutscenes on log-ins instead of skill failures. This will only happen once a real day. In the cutscene, a female character will be stalked by Lorna/Morrighan/Kristell/Scathach attempting to catch and kiss them, and a male character will be stalked by Caravan Joe/Ferghus/Tracy/Walter attempting to catch and kiss them. Or the character may experience being hoarded by numerous Tias/Fezes. The NPCs may be chosen in a sequence with increasing intensity, or according to week days, or one certain NPC on working days and another a "worse" one on weekends.
• NPC stalking nightmares may be made as special shadow missions instead of cutscenes. Players will have to escape from the stalker in an exact direction, like in one of The Saga's quests. These missions will be providing the event's respective items as a final reward. Or gold. Or a quest's progress. Or something else.
That's pretty all for now. The Meow does realize that some of these ideas may have already been used long ago, or considered amongst the development team. He may also update the thread if he remembers anything else.
And don't forget about cardboard working homestead windmills.


  • FayeKaibaFayeKaiba
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    April fools events are always fun but then I remember two years ago people didn't decided that they were not going to read news posts anymore and ignored the April first day and went baby-rage over an april fools event. The amount of salt was too much.