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More Advance "Divide" Function:for Craft&Gathering

Mabinogi Rep: 960
Posts: 27
in Feedback and Suggestions
Add more option in Divide window for example.... dividing half...dividing be % evenly... or separate stack(5ea to 1 1 1 1 1).

Its gonna be useful for crafting count or cooking multiple dish for training or catering.
Or when you need to Gathering/farming a lot of herb to fill one single bag with out need to reorganize your bag every time it starting new stack.
Or when you need to AFK cobweb in Alby/Emain....
Or when you need to fishing for example the element orb...or a low level potion that getting in your main potion bag and when you using potion hotkey it's activate the low level potion from fishing instead....

It May sound confuse with the Tag system a bit but this one will allow you to manual pre-organism the item in your bag before you picking it up into the stack.