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Title Unequipped on Rebirth

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edited September 24 in Bugs and Glitches
Heya, contrary to the 'Quality of Life Update' stating that titles stay equipped on rebirth, please not that the following as occurred to me;

-My title was unequipped, and I am delayed in being able to re-equip it.

1. Had 'who is a Royal Alchemist' and 'Winter Angel' equipped, and had talent 'Carpentry' equipped.
2. Rebirthed into Blacksmithing Talent.
3. Observed that titles remain equipped.
4. Started Rundal Siren Hardmode.
5. Advanced to the second floor.
6. Noted that my title was unequipped.
7. After attempting to re-equip my title, I was given the attached message.

Intended Result
- For my title to NOT be unequipped, or for me to be able to re-equip it without delay.


  • JJJJ
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,185
    Posts: 496
    I think this happened to me too. I rebirthed, title was still there. But after I went paladin and then I turned back to normal my title was gone. Did you transform at any time?
  • BronzebreakBronzebreak
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,605
    Posts: 466
    Don't recall, but don't think so; it was 18:10 in-game time at that point, and I'm pretty sure the last floor took <10 minutes.