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Remove Age Restrictions from Clothing

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in Feedback and Suggestions
We have many old outfits and robes from Fleta and tailoring as well as the newer outfits like succubus fiend wear that are still age-restricted despite the fact that any-age-model can wear the clothing via age-potions.

Despite how beautiful some of these options are, they never see the light of day because of this needless restriction. Please consider expanding the usability of these items by doing away with this archaic restriction. Many of them don't even make sense, such as fishnets on the bianca outfit or the bra and short shorts of the succubus fiend being restricted to children.
  1. Do you think age-restrictions should stay?5 votes
    1. Yes, they serve some purpose. (The purpose of annoying OP)
       0% (0 votes)
    2. No, what's the point?
       100% (5 votes)


  • AdenoAdeno
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,325
    Posts: 137
    I definitely agree! In a game where a huge part of the fun comes from dressing up your character, making clothes age restricted simply limits the options of people to have fun with their characters who don't meet the age requirements. Also, just as you pointed out, the restrictions don't make sense! I had this Raccoon Cub Wizard Suit or whatever you call it but it's age restricted to 17 and older I think. It was cute, but since I always rebirthed ever since I got back into the game, I never had the chance to wear it again. I ended up selling it and just got myself a Raccoon Cub Captain Pirate Suit because that one has no age restriction. Besides, why would a wizard suit be age restricted to older people when it's not even sexy? And then as Water pointed out, sexy clothes are sometimes restricted to be worn only by younger aged characters. Clearly, the issue isn't "Children should not wear sexy clothes!". It's something else that doesn't seem to make sense.

    Simply remove the age restrictions to allow all characters to dress up the way they want :)
  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 19,230
    Posts: 3,925
    ... and race, and gender restrictions too.
  • AdenoAdeno
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,325
    Posts: 137
    Yeah, race and gender restrictions as well. While browsing the auction house, I actually found male versions of certain female costumes that still look the same (as in with skirt and all that). Why even bother with the gender restrictions if they'll just put a "Male" tag on it but it's still basically the same dress? Just let characters wear available costumes. The more fashion freedom one has, the more fun it is! :)