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[COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - October 8th

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edited October 8 in Vault
Mabinogi will have a scheduled maintenance on Thursday, October 8th. During this time, the game will be unavailable. Maintenance is expected to begin at 7:00 AM PDT and last approximately 3 hours.

Please note that the estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification.

- Time -
Thursday, October 8th
Pacific (PDT, UTC-7): 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Eastern (EDT, UTC-4): 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Paris (CEST, UTC+2): 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

To address the following:
  • Weekly server upkeep.
  • With all the studying you have done, you'll be sure to pass the test! The Study Event is ending. The following items will also be removed:
  • Standard Study Desk (Event)
  • Smart Study Desk (Event)
  • Elite Study Desk (Event)
  • Blacksmith Manual - Smart Study Desk (Event)
  • Blacksmith Manual - Elite Study Desk (Event)
  • You did study up on Erinn's history too, right? The Historian's Old Trunk sale is ending.
  • Processing of requested name changes. Note: The Name Change submission site will be unavailable after 7:00 AM PDT time, and will be available after the maintenance.

- The Mabinogi Team


  • KatherzKatherz
    Mabinogi Rep: 19,325
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    Member, Administrator, Nexon
    edited October 8
    Due to an issue where the Memo Pads rewards from the Study event were deleted, the servers will be going down at 10:30 AM PDT and will be rolled back.
  • StormbeastStormbeast
    Mabinogi Rep: 310
    Posts: 6
    Is there an estimated time that the servers will be back up?
  • Juliet1972Juliet1972
    Mabinogi Rep: 835
    Posts: 30
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR but I did my best dammit!!!

    fix everything or I will be even angrier.
  • Pip-BoyPip-Boy
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,585
    Posts: 104
    Worth the wait for them to rollback IMO. If you're 40k total level those memos are very useful for maxing out your stats.
  • KatherzKatherz
    Mabinogi Rep: 19,325
    Posts: 1,268
    Member, Administrator, Nexon
    Hi everyone, servers are open now, and there was no roll back needed!
    Pip-BoyRadiant Dawn
  • zeroxneko92zeroxneko92
    Posts: 2
    any news on when?
  • zeroxneko92zeroxneko92
    Posts: 2
    how much longer D;