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Green Screen Studio Suggestion.

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edited October 14, 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

Recently the following advertisement went up for content creators to play mabi while expressing themselves better towards their own community.

There are many ways to get into content creation such as Art, streaming, or recording gameplay and uploading onto platforms such as Youtube. However video-editing for a game such as mabi has been very difficult. Then it became obvious! We need green-screen deploy-able studios!

By having a Studio set operate in a manner where you drop the item, similar to the Japari Friends cut-out figures, you can move around the stage, record your character, and edit the video without much environmental interference. With the way lighting works on mabi, blur, environmental colors, and lighting often bend around your character, making it very difficult to edit or photoshop images. Because of this, editing screenshots in normally bright areas like Dunbarton can be an extreme pain.


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