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Can't get rid of Ferghus Doll Bag Coupon

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in Technical Support
I got a Moonlight Hammer Ferghus Doll Bag Coupon and I can't get rid of it (I already have that specific doll bag). I got it from Siyu's Gift Box by chance and since the coupon was designed in a un-removable way.. I can't discard of it in any way (the coupon doesn't expire, can't be dropped, can't be traded, and can't be stored in a pet or the bank.

I worry that if I open the remaining 1000 Siyu's Gift Boxes, I might end up with the same thing happening. Why the heck was the coupon even made that way in the first place?


  • StormbeastStormbeast
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    This was mentioned in a different thread, and another members solution was to empty the current bag, bank it, and then use the new coupon. Rinse and repeat as needed and get the bag on all you characters