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Windmill Lockup during Duke fight?

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edited October 17 in Bugs and Glitches
I've done Peaca Abyss a couple times. This bug I just had has never happened before.
Before I start, my internet speed was good. I checked right after the issue occurred and my download speed was 100+ mbps...

Anyway to the issue. While I was in Abyss Peaca's boss room, I attempted to use windmill against Duke. When I clicked, the windmill animation never started and I was locked up with my mouse displaying the icon you see when windmill is prepared. This lock up even stuck around past death, so I had to watch as Duke depleted my revival balloon... :(
I had to leave the dungeon, and I was STILL frozen. The only thing that freed me was changing channels.

Another thing to note, this partially happened earlier during the same fight, but I was freed for whatever reason after a couple seconds.

If you have experienced anything like this pls reply lol