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Hearthfire is recruiting! Social & Family Oriented

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello! First and foremost I'd like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my post.

Secondly, I should mention that Hearthfire is a very recently created guild, only a few days old as of writing this post. It was created with the help of some friends and I'm technically the only member as of right now.

I founded Hearthfire in order to bring people together, create memories and to forge new friendships. We have no goals or aspirations other than the few things I've just listed, every member is free to pursue their own adventures and ambitions. Hearthfire adopts a family mentality; we take care of each other in times of need and ensure that nobody gets left behind. We're 100% a social guild and prioritize having a good time over anything else.

There are absolutely no requirements to join Hearthfire, whether you're new, old or returning, everyone is welcome! We have a Discord Server up and running and will be provided to new applicants should they want to get to know our members outside of Mabinogi.

If this sounds like a guild you'd like to try out, simply add or send a note to Shoe in Mabinogi!