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Sell/ Trade Pets/ junk + clay commish?

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edited November 6, 2020 in Nao Marketplace
♥ I've been gone for months so I'm unaware of the usual prices of things. I'm always up for offers and trades. ♥
I usually base items at or a little bellow auction house prices.

✦ I'm willing to trade for items or pets i'm looking for ✦
⛧♛You can hit me up in-game, name's Incu ♛⛧

☢ Selling ☢

Luminous Catsidhe lvl 1 Currently set at 60.m in A.H
Panda Paws 800k
Tall Geta Sandals (M) 700k
Scarlet Nightstalker Gloves 1m
Men's Tengu Gloves 400k
Fluffy Kuon Tail 18m
Nathane Snow Mountain Coat 450k
x2 Firm Masamune
x2 Warring Sword of the Goddess 600k
x3 Black Star 900k
Nosuri's Bow 1.3m
x2 Devil Slayer 600k
Lorna's Goldbox 1m
Pan's Goldbox 1m
Homestead Oriental Bench 8m
Jackal Wizard Suit for Men 500k
Archer Doll bag NMO (will have to drop trade if that still works)
Kristel Doll bag NMO (will have to drop trade if that still works)
Professor J Doll bag NMO (will have to drop trade if that still works)
Engraved Control Bar NMO
Basic Tangerine NMO
Macha Flying Puppet NMO

♥ ♡ ♥Interested in♥ ♡ ♥

Incubus Fynni Pet Whistle ( ͜。 ͡ʖ ͜。)
Young Ceraunus
Lesser Panda /ive never seen these..?/
Alfie, the Little Ghost
any Corgi ^^
Meany Sheeptuplet
Brainy Sheeptuplet
Incubus wings

I also figured, since I'm posting an ad, I might as well post my art services UwU

I can do some light clay work, mostly chibi or animals, I'm not entirely sure if anyone would be interested, but I'll post some of my work below. ^w^
I'm willing to do commissions for money or gold or items I might be interested in.

thanks for reading as always, Incu