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Halloween Rock Paper Scissors Gift Box - Unusable

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What is the issue?

When attempting to use the Halloween Rock Paper Scissors Gift Box, instead of offering the expected selection of gifts it displays the message "The event has ended".

This is not typical behaviour for reward boxes obtained during an event - normally they can be opened any time after the event has concluded. If they must be used during the event period then the item typically has a message advising so and it is removed from the player's inventory at the conclusion of the event during the maintenance period.

There is nothing indicating that this gift box must be used prior to the end of the event, either on the item itself or in the event announcement. I have confirmed that this issue is not isolated to my character.

What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?

Log in to a character that has an unopened Halloween Rock Paper Scissors Gift Box that they earned during the recent Halloween Rock Paper Scissors Event, and attempt to "Use" it. Instead of using the item, a message will display advising that the event has ended.

What do you expect to happen instead?

The gift box should display the message "If you use the Reward Selection item, the item will disappear. Would you like to proceed?". Selecting "OK" should display the various rewards that can be selected, and selecting one should grant the reward to the player. This is expected as:

- It is the typical behaviour of other event reward selection boxes that remain after an event has ended (at least since I have been playing).

- There is no information to suggest that this item must be used prior to the event concluding, and therefore no reason to expect this particular reward box would differ from other reward boxes. Normally if it needed to be used prior to the event completion, the item description would state something like "This item will disappear when the event ends" and it would also be noted in the event announcement. Therefore, the expectation is that the item can be used after the event concludes in a similar manner to other reward boxes.

- The reward box remains in the player's inventory instead of being removed during maintenance after the event concludes (which suggests it should still be usable after the event period).

The above points suggest that this item is not working as intended.


Given how much time and effort was required to attain this gift box, I really hope that this can be resolved.

Thank you in advance for investigating this issue.

Kind Regards,

Yumikoto, Nao