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Events/Sales Heads-Up! 11/12/2020

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Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! The rest of the Halloween stuff is leaving us as well as the Beautiful Lights for the Night event. This is all happening this Thursday the 12th, so make sure to get your stuff done.

First and foremost, Beautiful Lights for the Night event is ending. Make sure you finish helping out your the students and get their lanterns as your reward and turn in those Firefly Coins with the Master for some prizes like Homestead items, clothes or try your hand at the box for a chance to get a Crisis Escape transformation that lets you turn into a lantern! Full Rewards list is in the link below. Also make sure you harvest some of those flower petals for 1500% additional EXP from Shadow Missions (not sure if they vanish with the event though)!

Beautiful Lights for the Night Event:

The other event that's ending this week Lorraine's Nightmare. See how you fare against hoards of monsters intending to invade the castle you're defending within Lorraine's Dream and earn EXP, Gold and if you beat all 8 waves, a Sweet Dream Box! Full reward list in the link below!

Lorraine's Nightmare:

Moving onto Sales. First in that department that's ending is the Magical Halloween Loot O' Lantern! Gather your friends and take down some Field Bosses with each one you open and get sweet loot when you open them. Full list in the link below! Make sure you get some before they're gone!

Magical Halloween Loot O' Lantern:

Last one for this maintenance is the big Spooky Halloween Madness Shopkeeper's Sale! This sale had outfits, pets, partners, partner accessories (they make them akin to a ground and/or flying pet) and partner trade unlock potions~! We don't get a good number of these often so if you want them get them before the maintenance! Full list of everything below!

Spooky Halloween Madness Shopkeeper's Sale:

That's all for this week's Heads-Up! Take it easy for a bit and Happy Gaming, everyone!