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"No Memory" crash upon opening dressing room ):

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in Technical Support
When I open my dressing room as my main, my game instantly crashes with the "no memory" message. When I open the dressing room on an alt on the same account, however, my dressing room works fine. Surprisingly, it also works fine on my main when I log in through another computer of ours. I started playing again in August after a long hiatus, and I haven't had that issue up until about 3 weeks ago, maybe a day or two after a maintenance. I haven't changed any settings either that might've caused these crashes. This issue is specific to the PC that I use to play Mabi regularly.

I'm not really tech savvy, so I'm not sure why this is happening. I already tried re-installing Mabinogi, opening it through different launchers (Steam, Nexon), updated the drivers, and even reformatted the entire computer; again, I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm just trying everything I think would work. ):

I tried sending a ticket to Nexon, but the files required (both through Steam and Nexon Launcher) aren't present on my PC, so I'm unable to even contact Nexon for help because the ticket won't go through unless the files are attached to the ticket.

Would love to hear from anyone who might know what's going on/has experience with this issue. I'd greatly appreciate it.


  • SolodarknessSolodarkness
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    Going to Nexon about it wont help, I have already tried. What it comes down to in their minds is that our computers doesnt have enough Memory to run everything and that the dressing spikes the memory above what our computers can handle. It's annoying not to have it work. I have found ways around it to let me play such as hopping on an alt to pull what i normally wear into a pet. A lot of the issues stem from Mabinogi having everything as 3d images running. Large inventory, Text,items,skills,pets on hotbar. All of these causes lag and takes up memory.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    You can try reducing your start-up list. If that doesn't work you can try making a new local account on the computer and running Mabinogi in it. If that doesn't work, the biggest hammer you have is to reset the thing to factory settings and see what happens then.